Collective Media Project
Having burned through many names through the years the one that seems tohave stuck is Collective Media Project

Havingburned through many names through the years the one that seems to have stuck isCollective Media Project.  A closesecond perhaps being Sectioned and Sugared.  Regardless of names and naming Andrew Cole and Steve McClureunknowingly began an anarchistic practice of creating music in 1997 as a weeklyradio program on 88.7 WXDU Durham, NC. In the beginning the station's broadcast tower had been destroyed byHurricane F.  Listeners to theprogram received nothing but static until a new tower was functioning in1998.   Unburdened bylisteners, we began soberly and very obsoletely by using homemade cassetterecordings, Dictaphones, discarded thrift records, turntables and mixing boardsprovided at the radio station. 


Thisorganic approach to its subject, a fascination with the idea of recorded musicfrom it's inception focused on and exploited obsolete and new technics ofrecorded music and sound as a means in and of itself for creating  'music'.   We also explored and experimented with theunderestimated problem of listener and creator and live and recordedevents.  One of our consciouspurposes throughout our endeavor was cathartic; an attempt to clean the ears ofthe predictable tropes of made music and reinvestigate the possibilities ofmusic. 


Ourweekly performances produced over 300 hours of original material.  Much of it is chaotic, difficult andungainly. Some has focused clarity and intentional raw energy. Other sampleswere humorous celebrations.

Excerpts from live sound/noise/collage program Collective Media Project. In collaboration with DJ Hiscane. Broadcasting on 88.7 WXDU Durham from 1996 - 2001.


   Rubberbanding Half
  Bread Sometimes Bites
   Orifice Throat
  Homage to Pryor
 Dumb Histoire
 Dumb Histoire
 No Ordinary Cat

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